L622 Digital Recording Moisture Meter and L722 Lumber Stack Probe Combo

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Get ready to do it all by combining our full-featured L622 digital recording moisture meter with PC-based reporting software, along with our stack probe for reaching wood inside the stack where high moisture exists/lurks.



Product Description

Get ready to do it all! This kit combines our full-featured L622 digital recording moisture meter with PC-based reporting software, along with our stack probe for reaching wood inside the stack where high moisture exists/lurks.

The L622 is the most feature-rich of the meters in our L600 series, with PC-based reporting software, up to 5000+ readings stored on the meter, and the option to add our stack probe accessory.

The L622 is ideal for harsh, industrial environments. It offers a bigger scanner plate and ergonomic handle, so you can scan more wood faster. The L622 also gives deeper readings that are suitable for lumber and wood products from 1” to 4” in thickness.

The stack probe included with this kit allows you to easily take moisture measurements of wood inside stickered packs of lumber where higher moisture may exist And with PC-based reporting software and the ability to store 5000+ readings, the L622 is ideal for stringent moisture quality control requirements and consistent lumber production processes.

As with all Wagner moisture meters, the L622 has the unique ability to truly read the moisture in the wood—not on the wood—and the measurements are not adversely affected by the presence of absorbed moisture on the lumber surface.

The L622 comes from the factory with 32 user-selectable species settings by name, and these can be customized by you. With our Stat Pak software included with this meter, it is easy to record your results for future comparison. Send reports directly to a printer or data to the computer for advanced analysis.

Other notable features of the L622 include:

  • Takes up to 5,000 separate moisture readings.
  • Stores readings in up to 200 easily organized groups for comparison of average moisture content, standard deviation, and minimum/maximum moisture content.
  • Features built-in real-time clock/calendar.
  • Using nonvolatile memory, the L622 retains the stored readings even when the batteries are removed or changed.
  • Battery life, ~50 hours of continuous use, is less when backlight is turned on.
  • When the battery voltage is low, “BAT” is displayed.
  • A ‘no-activity’ auto shut-off in 1 minute saves battery life.
  • Operates in temperature 30-120 degrees F.
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • The L622 comes standard with an uncertified Calibration Verification Block (CVB), to allow you to check factory calibration, with the option of upgrading the CVB with NIST traceable certification.
  • Available in English, French, German, Italian, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish.

L722 Stack Probe is available in 40-inch or 26-inch lengths

The L722–an attachment for the L622 hand meter–is built rugged and able to take accurate moisture readings inside the heated kiln, even when in-kiln temperatures heat lumber to 200° F (93° C) or more. It can also be used to check moisture content when lumber has been removed from the kiln and put into storage prior to further processing.

This combination of the L622 hand meter and the L722 stack probe sensor allows the user to store readings taken either inside or outside the kiln and download the information into reports. The information can then be used to help a mill improve its moisture content quality control procedures.

The L722 Stack Probe Sensor is robustly designed:

  • Probe hinge assembly is resistant to breakage when overstressed.
  • Metal extrusion provides durability and ruggedness for mill environments.
  • Leaf spring design ensures proper contact with the lumber for more accurate readings. The springs are user-replaceable if damaged.
  • Sensor Probe Head is easily detachable from the extrusion for field servicing.
  • Spare Sensor Probe Heads can be purchased separately
  • Available in Long (L) and Short (S) lengths.

A Brief Look at the Stat Pak Software

The Stat Pak for Windows® is the most powerful hand-held meter moisture analysis program in the wood products industry. This program allows you to store, recall and analyze the data collected from the L622.

It is easy to get started with Stat Pak software. Simply download the software to your Windows-based PC computer, then transfer data from the L622 moisture meter directly to your computer for analysis and long-term storage of the data.

NOTE: Stat Pak is not software on the L622 meter itself, and it is not available for Apple operating systems or as an app for your smartphone.

Customizable species list

Export Reports

Group Report

Home screen

Readings report

Summary Report

L622 Specifications:

Size: L 8.5″ x W 4″ x H 3.75″ (L 215.9mm x W 101.6mm x H 95.25mm)
Scanning Area: 2.5″ x 2.5″ (63.5mm x 63.5mm)
Scanning Depth: 1″ (25.4mm)
Weight: 18 oz. (.51 kg)
Power: 4AA batteries
Measurement Range: 5% to 30%
Ports: RS-232 Serial Interface (for connecting with desktop computers)

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Additional Information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 56 × 10 × 4 in

40-inch Length, 26-inch Length, 40-inch Length (EURO), 26-inch Length (EURO),