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Maintain Your Confidence in Accurate Measurement With a FREE 7-Year Warranty on Wagner’s MMC & MMI Moisture Meters

Your profession depends on accuracy. Each decision you make with regards to the moisture content of wood impacts the outcome of your project and reputation. One small error can become a big catastrophe. You can have confidence when you have a product that gives you accurate results, and you can have peace of mind when you know your product is authentic and backed up with a warranty. That’s why each MMC and MMI wood moisture meter from Wagner Meters comes with a 7-year warranty. This is so you can maintain your confidence and have peace of mind each time you measure the moisture content in wood.


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Quality is at the Heart of Every Wagner Meters Product

Wagner Meters manufactures wood moisture meters that give you an accurate measurement each and every time. Advanced technology and durability are the foundations of quality that make up each Wagner Meters product. Wagner Meters’ patented IntelliSense™ technology is at the center of our product design. IntelliSense™ technology goes beyond measuring surface conditions on the wood. It delivers accurate measurements of moisture conditions deep in the wood. Every Wagner moisture meter comes with our promise of reliable, accurate moisture content measurement:

  • We designed the MMC and MMI meters for professional-level wood moisture content measurement. Each product has a wide range of features and capabilities to ensure continued success both in the shop and on the job site.
  • The MMC220, 210 and MMI moisture meters measure for the 5-30% moisture content range.
  • The MMC220 and MMI1100 have an extended wood species range to include moisture content measurement of the increasingly-popular exotic wood species.
  • The MMI1100 meter has reading storage capabilities.

We manufacture all of our wood moisture meters at our headquarters in Rogue River, Oregon. Our quality control team verifies that all wood moisture meters are ready to accurately measure and monitor the moisture content of wood right out of the factory box. Quality craftsmanship makes our products durable. This high quality is one reason why Wagner Meters is empowered to extend its warranty support on MMC and MMI wood moisture meters for seven years.

Assure the Authenticity of Your Meter

Whether you are a woodworker, manufacturer, installer or inspector, many of the instruments you use in your profession can take a beating. When you have a wood moisture meter that can withstand the hard labor and stay accurate each and every time you use it, that is something you can surely appreciate. You see, Wagner Meters provides warranty protection on these models to ensure you can measure and monitor your wood products’ moisture content (MC) with confidence. That’s why we back up the quality of our MMC and MMI products with a 7-year warranty that is unprecedented in our industry.

“We’ve always ensured that customers are happy with Wagner products. But we’re especially pleased to extend wood moisture meter product warranties even further…it’s part of our continual effort to provide the best value to our customers, which is the foundation of our company.” -Ed Wagner, President

7 Year WarrantyProtect Your Investment with a FREE 7-Year Warranty

Wagner Meters warranties all model MMC and MMI series handheld wood moisture meters against defects in materials and workmanship for seven (7) years from the date of purchase. Wagner Meters warranties all of its other meters for one (1) year.*

Check the Calibration of Your Instrument Whenever and Wherever You Like

Wagner Meters also carries an optional meter calibration verification block. This enables you to test the calibration of our wood moisture meters on the spot, so you can continue to use the product(s) without incurring any loss of work time.


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*Warranty validity period is determined by either date of proof of purchase OR if the proof of purchase is not available, by manufacturer’s date.