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Don’t risk a moisture disaster that can cost time, money, and your reputation! Say hello to success on every wood flooring job with the award-winning Orion® 950 Smart Pinless Wood Moisture Meter.

Plus, if you’re installing floors over concrete, target your relative humidity testing with the C555 Concrete Moisture Meter.

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3 Easy Steps to Success

  • Purchase the Orion 950 and C555 moisture meters
  • Take accurate moisture readings
  • Enjoy the newfound peace of mind

Target Your Concrete
Moisture Testing with the

The C555 gives you an easy, quick, and useful first step for evaluating a concrete slab where you plan to install wood flooring or any other finished floor product.

When you’re assessing a slab’s moisture condition, you want a simple-to-use, nondestructive tool that will set you up for success. The C555 does exactly that. You can also qualitatively assess the moisture in other materials such as brick, cement, and gypsum.

Not only is the C555 easy to use, but it’s the only concrete moisture meter that offers in-field calibration, which you can successfully perform in less than a minute. Plus, the C555 includes built-in temperature and relative humidity (RH) sensors!

Are you working on commercial flooring projects?

Do you need an accurate assessment of the moisture in a concrete slab per ASTM F2170 guidelines?

If so, we recommend also using Wagner’s award-winning Rapid RH® test system. It’s scientifically proven for accurate, reliable testing of concrete floor slabs.

For these situations, consider the C555 your handy partner for quickly and strategically targeting where to place your Rapid RH sensors.

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Safeguard Every Wood Flooring Project from Disaster by Using the Orion 950

Unchecked moisture in wood can cost time, money, and your reputation. Are you willing to risk that?

Of course not. You and your customers deserve the absolute best outcomes on every flooring project.

And that’s why you’ll want to start using the Orion 950 pinless wood moisture meter. Looking for accuracy? The Orion 950 provides unparalleled accuracy giving you peace of mind that you’ll be making the right decision about when to install.

Want reliability? The Orion 950 comes with an industry-leading 7-year warranty. This meter is built for year-in and year-out serviceability and dependability.

And just like the C555, the Orion 950 gives you in-field calibration capability that no other manufacturer offers. Plus built-in temperature and RH sensors for automatically calculating the all-important EMC or equilibrium moisture content at your job site.

It’s also a smart meter offering Bluetooth® connectivity, which means you can use the Orion 950 with the free FloorSmart app for quickly storing and reporting all your moisture readings. That makes the 950 a real time-saver!

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Imagine disasters taking over when you could’ve done something to stop them. Your customers deserve better.

I am an inspector and use [the C555] to test the moisture content of concrete slabs mostly. I have used the Tramex meter in the past. This one is more affordable so I took a chance and am happy I did. I actually like the way it works better and the accuracy seems comparable. I would definitely recommend this meter.

Coach K
C555 customer

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Wagner makes the best wood moisture meters. I have been using them for over 25 years as a pro, and the Orion 950 is the fourth one for me (all of them still going strong). The added features on the 950 are a real game-changer. By having relative humidity, temperature, and EMC at my fingertips, I am able to make quick decisions at job sites.

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