The Flooring Installation Dream Team
and ORION 950
Are you a flooring installer looking to reduce callbacks and the risk of flooring failures while achieving flawless installations?

Discover how Floor Sentry and the Orion 950 have revolutionized the world of flooring installation, making them the ultimate flooring dream team for professionals like you.

Meet Floor Sentry

Floor Sentry is an easy-to-install solution that turns any wood floor into a smart floor.

View real-time data through the Wagner Sentry app for continuous monitoring and receive alerts to your mobile device when temperature and relative humidity conditions might lead to moisture-related damage.

Floor Sentry enables you to monitor the health of your floor and subfloor 24/7 so you can proactively take action before moisture damage occurs. It not only protects installers but also empowers customers to care for their wood floors correctly.

Discover the Orion 950

The Orion 950 is a non-damaging pinless wood moisture meter that offers exceptional accuracy and continuous precision.

With features like in-field calibration and EMC calculations, it simplifies your work and saves you time. Furthermore, its built-in RH sensor allows you to measure ambient conditions, ensuring perfect installation conditions. Enjoy easy report generation and sharing with the FloorSmart app, simplifying your workflow.

With the added benefit of a 7-year warranty, the Orion 950 is the ideal choice for your wood flooring projects, ensuring reliable moisture measurements and top-notch performance.

The Perfect Match

Why They Work So Well Together

The Orion 950 ensures that your wood floor is perfectly ready for installation, and with the support of Floor Sentry, you can prove that the floor was installed under ideal moisture conditions.

Together, these products not only ensure precision in your installations but also reduce your liability for flooring failures.

Why Flooring Installers Love Them

  • Decrease moisture-related risks
  • Minimize callbacks
  • Reduce flooring failure liability
  • Save time and money
  • Enjoy comprehensive moisture control
  • Empower your customers to care for their floors
  • Eliminate the blame game
  • Protect your reputation

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