Rapid RH® Now Offers Portable Digital pH Meter

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Rogue River, OR (March 2012) – Because pH conditions and relative humidity (RH) conditions are closely interconnected, and can both adversely affect your concrete or flooring installation, Rapid RH® has now integrated its patented smart data chip into the new Rapid RH® Digital pH Meter. Sleek, compact and easy to operate, the Rapid RH® Digital pH Meter give you accurate pH testing on the spot for instantly informed decisions. Healthy pH means potential problems can be averted before the finish goes down, and a variety of features make this portable pH meter another must-have tool for the job site:

  • Easy-to-read dual display for both solution pH and temperature
  • Dual pH data options (Chinese or European standards) and temperature options (Celsius or Farenheit)
  • Dual-slope three-point automatic calibration
  • Sleek, portable case with room for buffer solutions
  • And more

The Rapid RH® Portable pH Meter carries with it the industry expertise that first introduced Rapid RH® testing and set the standard for accurate, easy-to-operate RH testing. Now, with accurate assessment of both pH and RH, you can complete any flooring installation with complete confidence. To

Learn more about Rapid RH® and the complete line of Rapid RH® and pH tools

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