Wood Moisture Training Center

Wood Moisture Training

Wood Moisture Webinar Series

Wagner Meters proudly presents this Wood Moisture Measurement webinar series by Charlie Phillips from Pittsburg State University.

Measuring Wood Moisture Video Series

Watch Moisture Meter Videos – Learn about Equilibrium Moisture Content & measuring wood moisture from Dr. Gene Wengert, the Wood Doctor.

Learn About Moisture Problems

Learn about Moisture Problems

Why is it necessary to manage the moisture of your wood? Learn about the problems that excessive moisture in wood will cause, and how a quality moisture meter from Wagner Meters is your best defense.

Electromagnetic Wave Technology

Electromagnetic Wave Technology

Electromagnetic wave technology allows the user to quickly and accurately measure the moisture content of wood without the time-consuming effort of driving pins into the wood.

Orion 910 Measuring wood plank

Moisture Readings Made Easy

Wagner is making that easier than ever with a range of different moisture meters that use electromagnetic wave technology as opposed to pins. Watch this video to learn more.

orion family meters

Moisture Meter Studies

Studies and articles for further reading. Learn why Wagner Meters are truly the best available.