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New Brit Workshop

New Brit Workshop Puts MMC220 to the Test…

What happens when Peter Parfitt of New Brit Workshop gets his hands on a Wagner MMC220 Extended Range Wood Moisture Meter?

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Summary of Peter Parfitt’s YouTube Review

Hi, Peter Parfitt here, creator of the New Brit Workshop – a YouTube channel designed to review products for woodworkers, give them ideas for projects and help them with various techniques. In this review, I’m spotlighting Wagner Meters MMC220 wood moisture meter. A professional woodworker I know who uses this meter suggested that I feature it because of its quality and accuracy.

After using the Wagner meter myself, I highly recommend it for a number of reasons. First, it’s a non-invasive pinless meter, so it won’t pierce or damage your wood to get a reading. This is critical when working with expensive wood.

I was impressed with how fast the MMC220 works. Place it on a piece of wood and you get an instant reading. Or, slide the Wagner along a board to get continuous readings along its length. This feature allows you to check large batches of wood in just a few seconds.

The Wagner meter has just two buttons and is very easy to use. One button allows me to turn it on or off, while the other is used to select the species of wood you want to check. This meter comes with a comprehensive list of wood species and I was pleased to learn that Wagner offers a free app for smartphones. This app is brimming with useful information, including the specific gravity of many species of wood.

With the press-and-hold feature I can easily freeze the readings if I can’t get a direct visual of the meter’s display.

While visiting a professional woodworker’s shop, I used the Wagner meter to measure several pieces of lumber. At the lumber yard it’s a good idea to check wood before you buy it, especially if you plan to use it straightaway. When checking some 4” kiln dried oak, the meter revealed a reading too high for kiln dried wood. That’s another advantage of the Wagner.

MMC220 Wood Moisture Meter

As Peter takes the MMC220 through its paces, you’ll learn:

  • Why Wagner’s 2-button design is incredibly easy to use… as well as a quick explanation of the role of specific gravity when taking measurements (6:15);
  • How a FREE app from Wagner can make your job much easier (8:25);
  • About a really useful feature of the MMC220 for when you’re working in tight spaces (10:05);
  • How helpful it can be to take your Wagner meter with you to the lumber yard… so you make sure your lumber really is ready for your project (12:10);
  • … and more!
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"We have used several different brands of meters over the years. Tramex was our meter of choice. We are ICRI certified and Wagner is quickly becoming the most requested system we use.

That along with what seems like continual improvements, upgrades and availability to answer any and all questions regarding your equipment & system, we are going to be changing all of our moisture testing equipment over to Wagner.

Good job Wagner!"

- Snarski Flooring Group

"Have enjoyed using my father's MMC220 meter to know how my maple and walnut lumber is drying. Would love to have my own!"

- George Barnes IV  

"Excellent product, very accurate and made in my home state of Oregon!"

- Todd P.  

"Works like a charm."

- Jim C.