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Wagner Repairs: List of Wagner Meter repair forms

Wagner Specific Gravity Resources: Provides help in determining the species setting on a Wagner moisture meter

Moisture Meter Reviews: Unbiased reviews of moisture meters based on meticulous testing.

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Teamed up, Ardex Engineered Cements and Wagner Electronics give you the tools you need to both find the problem and to solve it. After all, your success is our success, and we work hard to achieve it.  Joe Peilert, Exec. VP and General Manager of Ardex Engineered Cements comments, “Our joint educational efforts and job-site support, along with the use of Wagner and Ardex products, turn an installation risk into a profitable business opportunity.” “Like the ARDEX Moisture Control System, the Rapid RH™ moisture test is an accurate and reliable method for ensuring success with your moisture remediation solution,” says Ed Wagner, President, Wagner Electronics.


CTLGROUP and Wagner Electronics have partnered to develop the RAPID RH relative humidity probe, a fast, accurate moisture test for concrete floors. Since 1987 CTLGROUP has operated as an independent subsidiary of the Portland Cement Association, which was founded in 1916. From its inception as the search laboratories for PCA, CTLGROUP is the foremost consulting firm, providing structural and architectural engineering, and testing and material technology services throughout the world.


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