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Wagner Meters is proud to offer the updated online course, “Moisture Testing of Concrete Floor Slabs.”

This free training webinar – presented by Howard Kanare, a leading expert in concrete moisture issues – is especially relevant for building inspectors, contractors, and flooring installers who may need to understand, detect, and discuss flooring failures, even before those failures occur.

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A 55-Minute Educational Webinar

Our mission is to create and provide solutions in moisture measurement technology to enhance the quality and value of its customer’s products. The free training course provides the most up-to-date information on accurate moisture testing of concrete slabs.

To ensure you get the most out of your time the 55-minute webinar includes a questions and answers session. Online seating is limited, so register today for one of the upcoming webinars.


Presented by Howard Kanare

Kanare shares breakthrough scientific data that seriously challenges what we have believed regarding traditional methods for moisture testing of concrete slabs.

This educational webinar is jam-packed with scientific information about moisture testing,” said Jason Spangler, Division Manager—Flooring for Wagner Meters. “It provides essential information that every contractor, flooring installer, and building inspector who works with concrete will want to have at his or her fingertips.”

The updated course is being offered twice monthly.

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For over 50 years, Wagner Meters has set the standard for the moisture measurement industry, creating and providing solutions to enhance the quality and value of their customers’ products and businesses.