Single-Use or Reusable: Innovative Smart Choices from Rapid RH®

Single Use or Reusable Rapid RH® Smart Sensors

This article was written before the debut of the Rapid RH® L6 system.
All the points for the Rapid RH 4.0 EX mentioned below also hold true for the Rapid RH L6 system.

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10 years ago, the Rapid RH® sensor revolutionized concrete moisture testing with a single-use, ASTM F2170-compliant relative humidity (RH) sensor. Today, the various Rapid RH components combine to create a truly unique system that reduces costs, saves many hours, and is ridiculously easy to implement.

In all that time, however, the only sensor we offered was a single-use unit. You could take as many readings over as long a period of time as you wanted, but the sensor stayed in the original test hole.

Today, that has changed, because, with the introduction of the NEW Rapid RH 5.0 Smart Sensor, you now have a choice: single-use or reusable.

The NEW Rapid RH 5.0 Smart Sensor – The Reusable One

Over the years, many of our customers have asked us about reusable sensors, but we’ve been reluctant to offer one under the Smart Sensor label. This is because conventional reusable sensors have many disadvantages when compared to the single-use 4.0 EX Smart Sensor, and we couldn’t justify selling “just another reusable sensor.”

Rapid RH® Reusable Smart SensorsWe believed that a reusable Smart Sensor would have to be at least as innovative as our single-use e sensor. Not only would the design have to address the disadvantages inherent in conventional reusables, but the entire product also would have to meet our standards of speed, ease of use, accuracy, and low cost.

After a lot of brainstorming, our Engineering Manager had a “Eureka!” moment. Our design team got busy and over-delivered. The new Rapid RH® 5.0 Smart Sensor goes beyond “innovative” – the design is truly revolutionary and resolves the issues around conventional designs.

There’s no getting around it; choosing reusable RH sensors means taking on additional time and labor costs. However, our design team was able to come up with several new concepts that reduce those costs to the absolute minimum possible.

The ease of use and accuracy of this new sensor match what you’ve come to expect from the Rapid RH 4.0 EX Smart Sensor. However, the EasyCare CalCheck™ feature on the 5.0 changes everything.

Each 5.0 Smart Sensor includes EasyCare CalCheck, a consistent RH generator integrated into a protective base. When not in use, the sensor is placed onto the EasyCare CalCheck, stored in an optimal environment. Because the sensor is stored in a stable 60% RH environment and always equilibrated, calibration checks will take 30 seconds or less!

Documenting compliance is hassle-free because of the CalMaster* mobile app. CalMaster records and tracks the necessary data for complying with ASTM F2170 calibration requirements in a database, where you can access it as needed.

Not only are you going to save time, but the price is going to catch your attention, as well. No expensive calibration check chambers and affordable pricing means that your initial investment cost has never been lower.

The Rapid RH 5.0 Smart Sensor gives you everything you asked for:

  • Reliable, amazingly accurate equipment at the lowest initial investment
  • The fastest, most innovative reusable sensor on the market
  • The easiest ASTM F2170 compliance possible in a reusable sensor

If using reusable RH sensors is your choice, the Rapid RH 5.0 Smart Sensor is the only one that will save you both time and money.

In many cases, however, a reusable sensor is not the best choice. For those jobs, you should consider a single-use sensor.

The Rapid RH 4.0 EX Smart Sensor – Single-Use

Rapid RH® Single Use Smart SensorIf you’re looking for the fastest and simplest solution with no compliance hassles, the Rapid RH® 4.0 EX Smart Sensor single-use is still your best choice.

Once placed in a test hole, it is neither removed nor unnecessarily handled and is always equilibrated. It stays in place and can be monitored over an extended period of time if desired.

Each 4.0 EX Smart Sensor is calibrated at the factory and is ready to go out of the box. Each test location has a newly calibrated, NIST-traceable Smart Sensor. This means that out of all solutions on the market, the 4.0 EX Smart Sensor is easiest to comply with ASTM F2170.

When you factor in labor costs and time requirements, the single-use 4.0 EX Smart Sensor is at least 10x faster than calcium chloride, and significantly faster than reusable RH sensors.

Your Choice

There are very few times in life where a single solution works best for all situations. Now you have a choice. If you’re looking for the fastest, most accurate, and easiest sensor to use at the most affordable price, the Rapid RH system has the smart choice that is right for you.


*The CalMaster app is no longer available. Please check out the DataMaster™ 4.0/5.0 app or the DataMaster™ L6 app for use with the respective Rapid RH system. 

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