How Concrete Moisture Testing Can Help You Go Green

How Concrete Moisture Testing Can Help You Go Green

By Jason Spangler in Relative Humidity (RH) Testing Concrete Information & Knowledge Base | 0 Comment

Previously published by Tile Magazine and Floor Covering Installer Magazine. Today one of the fastest-growing trends in the construction industry is to “go green.” People increasingly like knowing that their choices will make a difference when it comes to concerns about climate change, air and water quality, and the conservation of energy and natural resources. […]

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Help Your Customer Keep Their Wood Floor Pristine with These Tools and Tips

By Jason Wright in Moisture Meters Flooring Problems Wood Division Knowledge Base | 0 Comment

Whether it’s in your home or office, a hardwood floor adds character to every room. A wood floor is warm and welcoming, yet elegant at the same time. It goes well with any decor from rustic suburban kitchens to trendy urban lofts. A hardwood floor lends commercial office spaces, boutiques, restaurants, and display areas a […]

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Is a Pin or Pinless Moisture Meter Best for You?

By Ron Smith in Pin vs Pinless Wood Division Knowledge Base | 0 Comment

Dear pin moisture meter user, For years now, you’ve been asking us questions about pinless moisture meters. We get these questions at trade shows, over the phone, via email—questions about how (and whether) you can easily and quickly use a pinless moisture meter to accurately measure the moisture content of wood. Questions like these: What’s […]

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NAFCT – New Association Strives To Aid In Shortage of Highly Skilled Flooring Installers

By National Association of Floor Covering Technicians (NAFCT) in Wagner Meters Newsroom | 0 Comment

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE OCTOBER 6, 2020 Continuous, Enhanced and Affordable Training Brought Directly To Installers. Gray Court, SC — October 6, 2020 — Today, the newly formed National Association of Floor Covering Technicians (NAFCT), announces its development of a trade association, comprised of technical flooring professionals, with a common goal to improve the flooring industry […]

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