Relative Humidity Testing and the Rapid RH®

Relative Humidity Testing and the Rapid RH®

By Jason Spangler in Relative Humidity (RH) Testing Concrete Information & Knowledge Base | 0 Comment

Flooring failures cause hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage annually and the majority of them are related to moisture imbalances that are present somewhere in the environment of the floors. Whether the moisture is a result of a humid environment, a groundwater source or a concrete slab that was not sufficiently dry before the […]

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Too Wet or Too Dry Woodworking: A Sticky Situation

By Tony Morgan in Flooring Problems Wood Division Knowledge Base | 31 Comments

Everyone who has spent time working with wood knows that the moisture levels can vary from piece to piece and from source to source. They also may have seen their wood change after it was delivered to their shop or job site – twisting, cracking, warping and otherwise not retaining its shape or dimensions. When […]

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Temperature’s Impact on Wood Moisture Content

By Tony Morgan in Moisture Content Wood Division Knowledge Base | 7 Comments

If you want to take accurate wood moisture measurements you need to understand how the ambient temperature, relative humidity, and wood moisture content interact. But that’s not all. You also need to understand how temperature affects your wood moisture meter. This is because pin-type and pinless meters are not affected in the same way by […]

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The Rapid RH: Then and Now Concrete Moisture Measurement

By Jason Spangler in Concrete Products / Tools Concrete Information & Knowledge Base | 0 Comment

When Wagner Meters brought its first prototype Rapid RH®, in situ probe to the World of Concrete trade show in 2005, it is probably safe to say that very few people there recognized the significance of the shift that was about to occur in the building and flooring industry’s moisture testing practices for concrete slabs. […]

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Wood Species: “Same Difference” in Moisture Content

By Tony Morgan in Moisture Content Wood Types Wood Division Knowledge Base | 0 Comment

As every wood flooring professional knows, wood species fall into two main categories: hardwood and softwood. After that, however, it gets more complicated. Every species of wood has its own unique moisture content (MC) properties, as well as grain patterns, colors, density (or “hardness”) ratings, workability, and chemical makeup that determine its durability over time. […]

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