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Deciding on a pin or pinless wood moisture meter?
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Free Download – Is a Pin or Pinless Moisture Meter Best For You?

Orion 950 – I have used several meters. This is by far the best and most versatile. Customer support is fantastic; I used them for help with measuring various materials such as SPF hardwood and OSB subfloor. I would consider no other. There are much cheaper meters on the market; however, if you’re in the market for a meter you are only in the market for an accurate meter.
GRW (Amazon review)

Orion® Wood Moisture Meters

The Orion® line of wood moisture meters continues Wagner’s 50-plus year tradition of providing accurate, dependable non-damaging pinless moisture measurement technology, measuring IN the wood not just ON the wood.

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Orion 950 – I have a saw mill and a woodworking shop. In the past, I simply let wood dry a couple of years in a barn. I bought the meter so I could shorten that time. What I like about the 950 is that it calculates the theoretical equilibrium moisture content. That is, for the temperature and humidity conditions where the wood is stored, what would the lowest moisture to which the wood can dry. With this info, I can increase temperature and/or decrease humidity to reach my target moisture content in a shorter time.
Solidwood (Amazon review)

Pin vs Pinless Moisture Meters

With your deeper understanding of how moisture meters work, and in particular, the differences in how a pin and pinless moisture meters work, you’re better positioned to make decisions about what type of moisture meter makes the most sense for your purposes.

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Orion 950 – “Recently purchased this moisture meter, after reading a substantial number of reviews and comparisons between different meters and option for measuring the drying of hardwood lumber for woodworking. Comes well packaged and padded in its own hard plastic case, which includes the wood specific density guide, instructions and a device specific calibration plate. Took it out for measurements over the past couple of days to my piles of hard maple, walnut, oak, hickory and cherry, and a few home center 2x4s and had measurements done promptly, accurately (based on what I knew about the lumbers age and drying history), and easily – a real breeze to use. Very happy with how simple it is to change to specific density to adjust between species and I can see this being an asset to my lumber purchases for years to come.”
– John A. (Amazon review)