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Wagner’s Meters Are Key to Our Operation – The Wagner moisture meters in my area are about 10 years old. We run 10,000 to 15,000 board feet a day across them. They are key to our operation because if we get a wet piece with a dry piece, it will come apart or swell differently which will warp the panel. We use them to weed out the problems.
Dean Churchill

Omega In-line System

Whether your company is a primary lumber mill or a secondary wood products operation, with or without dry kilns, the Omega In-Line Moisture Measurement System should be your most important moisture measurement and analysis tool.

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Industrial Hand-held Moisture Meters

An advanced line of hand-held moisture meters that are ideal for harsh, industrial environments. By using any meter in our L600 series, you can enjoy these important benefits: a bigger scanner plate and ergonomic handle to scan more wood faster; and the ability to measure deeper to prevent you from missing costly gradients and read down to where the higher moisture levels could be (in the core of the wood).

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Wagner’s Meters Help Us Save 10-20% of Costs – “We run untagged wood through Wagner’s in-line meter and scanner, which records each board. This helps us catch boards that are too high or too low in moisture content, therefore minimizing the risk of higher moisture content or over-drying. Wagner’s meters help us save 10-20% of costs.”
– Randy Rickmon