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Don’t Let Your Floor Be Ruined by Excess Moisture!

For every flooring installation, no matter what floor products, coatings, or adhesives you use, you’ll want to get an accurate, reliable assessment of the slab’s moisture condition. The Rapid RH® concrete moisture test by Wagner Meters gives you the moisture data you need. Best of all, it’s extremely fast, simple to use, and costs less than other test options. Learn More
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Why Relative
Humidity Testing?

For successful flooring projects, it is crucial to measure moisture below the surface of the concrete slab. Other tests are surface-based and do not give reliable results. For example, the anhydrous calcium chloride test measures only the moisture vapor emission rate coming from the slab’s surface. It tells you nothing about the moisture condition deeper in the slab. Only the in situ relative humidity (RH) test is scientifically proven for accuracy and reliability.
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3 Easy Steps to Successful RH Testing

Learn even more to ensure fast, accurate moisture test results that you and your clients can rely on.

It's easy! Here are the 3 steps you can take right away
to learn how to do RH testing.

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“The process behind the Rapid RH® is solid. We went to Rapid RH® because the accuracy is certified and it doesn’t need to acclimate past its initial point. We could stick [the sensor] in there, read it and trust it.”
– J.D. Grafton, CC Solutions
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