Rapid RH® Concrete
Moisture Test

The Rapid RH® gives you the concrete moisture data you need. It’s extremely fast, accurate, and easier than ever. Simply choose the Rapid RH® system that best fits your situation. Either way, you’ll have clearly superior technology at work for you.

Rapid RH® 4.0 EX
Easiest to use, ideal for most flooring installers and building professionals.
Rapid RH® 5.0
Reusable system, ideal for inspectors, engineers, and laboratory settings.

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Smart Choices

Choose the sensor that best fits your needs. The single use Rapid RH® 4.0 EX is the fastest and easiest relative humidity (RH) sensor to use. The new reusable Rapid RH® 5.0 with EasyCare CalCheck eliminates the biggest disadvantages of conventional reusable sensors. Rapid RH® now has the Smart Choice for any application.

Built-In Cost Savings

Concrete moisture measurement with the Rapid RH® saves your bottom line with lowest cost per test, lower time and labor costs, and increased confidence in RH testing and reporting.


The Rapid RH® test system is so advanced that it works almost automatically. Once installed, the Smart SensorTM and Reader work together to provide accurate, instant readings at a touch. Add the award-winning Rapid RH® DataMasterTM, now available as an app for your mobile device, and you can read, record, and report your results seamlessly.

Solid Science

Unlike surface-based moisture tests of the past, the Rapid RH®’s in situ RH testing is proven to give a more accurate overall picture of concrete moisture. See the science that gives the Rapid RH® a competitive edge in RH testing with our free webinar.

Award-Winning Innovation

The Rapid RH® not only meets industry standards, it’s gained industry approval too. From the original Rapid RH® to our Rapid RH® DataMasterTM, our products have been awarded some pretty impressive accolades and reviews. The fact is — we are good at this. The Rapid RH® will help you unleash your expertise on every job.

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Field-Tested to Meet ASTM F2170 Standard

The Rapid RH® Smart Sensor gives flooring and building professionals the concrete moisture data they need to meet the ASTM F2170 standard. With the award-winning Rapid RH® DataMasterTM, data records and ASTM F2170 reporting starts in the palm of your hand.

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