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Video 2 – Relative Humidity Testing for Concrete Floors

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Hi, I’m Howard Kanare, Senior Principal Scientist at CTLGroup in Skokie, Illinois. Welcome to our seminar on Relative Humidity Testing for Concrete Floors.

Let me tell you a little bit about our organization. CTLGroup is the independent, wholly owned subsidiary of the Portland Cement Association. We’ve been around for almost 100 years and have been recognized around the world for our contributions to basic understanding of cement and concrete technology. We have about 120 people on staff – chemists, geologists, civil and structural engineers.

We work in areas as diverse as large scale engineering testing of bridge girders to microscopy and chemistry and physical testing, as well as consulting and troubleshooting out in the field. In addition to that kind of work, we also develop sensors and products.

Our goal today is to discuss the latest techniques in moisture testing for concrete, and very specifically how and why relative humidity is so useful if you’re involved with moisture in floors, the testing of floors before the installation of floor coverings or coatings.

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