• Flooring


    Minimize risk of catastrophic floor failure with accurate moisture and relative humidity measurement. Our tools are accurate, reliable, affordable, and work on a variety of building materials, including wood and concrete.

  • Woodworking


    Don't risk losing hours of work because of moisture-related problems with your woodworking project. Our hand-held meters give you fast, accurate measurements every time without marring the wood surface.

  • Forest Products

    forest products

    Sawmills and wood product manufacturers rely on our In-Line and In-Kiln moisture measurement systems, hand-held moisture meters and moisture sorting solutions to improve grade recovery & prevent wet claims.

 Wagner Moisture Meters

Wagner Moisture Meters are known for accurate, consistent meter readings. The IntelliSense™ Technology behind each professional moisture meter allows accurate readings deep in the wood, unaffected by surface moisture. Each Wagner meter provides quick and easy moisture detector readings you can trust, and is quality-built and backed by customer care in the USA. Each wood moisture meter or concrete moisture test is designed to save you time and money in your project or at your job site and is easily portable. Buy a Wagner wood moisture meter or concrete relative humidity probe online or from a Wagner distributor at competitive prices.

COMPANY INFO: Wagner Meters is the respected world leader in moisture meter and moisture measurement solutions. For over 50 years, Wagner’s field proven moisture meter technology has helped thousands of valued customers improve profits and eliminate wood and concrete moisture-related problems.