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ROGUE RIVER, OR (January 2010) – Wagner Electronics, the leading manufacturer in moisture measurement tests for concrete slabs, announced that they will introduce the new Rapid RH® WiNet at the World of Concrete (C4266) and Surfaces shows in Las Vegas, NV in February 2010. Rapid RH® WiNet couples high-powered, long-range transmitters and web-based receivers to allow remote monitoring and data collection of relative humidity and temperature readings in concrete slabs.

Rapid RH WiNet

Rapid RH® WiNet from Wagner Meters

Connected to Rapid RH® Smart Sensors, the state-of-the-art IEEE 802.15.4 technology transmitters send a sensor’s relative humidity and temperature data to a receiver plugged directly into an onsite computer or network. Rapid RH® WiNet Web Server with data collection and logging features completes the package. If the job-site computer is linked to the internet or another network, the data can be viewed from virtually anywhere in the world. The powerful wireless transmitters have a job-site range of well over 3,000 feet line-of-sight and can easily transmit through structures, making the Rapid RH® WiNet an ideal solution for monitoring concrete slabs in multi-level buildings.

The Rapid RH® WiNet supports web-based data access, allowing remote monitoring anywhere an internet connection is available. The Rapid RH® WiNet Web Server displays real time readings and charts of humidity and temperature with data logging capability captured in a spreadsheet format for easy documentation. This will enable anyone from the general contractor to flooring installer to see the rate of drying and predict months in advance when flooring can go down.

Ed Wagner, President, Wagner Electronics, says, “After two years of development, the new WiNet system represents the next revolutionary step in Wagner’s development of the Rapid RH®. This innovative product compiles our signature fast, accurate relative humidity readings with remote monitoring capabilities to help eliminate guess work and save our customers more time.”

The patented Rapid RH® is a fast, accurate, relative humidity measurement technology that significantly decreases the time and effort it takes to measure moisture in concrete slabs. The Rapid RH® won the Most Innovative Product award at the 2006 World of Concrete show. Wagner Electronics has been recognized for over 40 years as an innovative world leader in providing advanced moisture measurement and management solutions.

For more information on the Rapid RH® WiNet, go to www.rapidrh.com or call Ron Smith, Sales Manager at 1-800-634-9961 ext. 125.

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