UPS Potential Shipping Delays

It has come to our attention that there’s a possibility of a strike from UPS employees, which might commence on August 1, 2023. If this action takes place, delivery schedules may be subject to delays or interruptions for an indeterminate period, irrespective of the shipping company you employ. The increased volume of packages to be moved and delivered is likely to strain all carrier services.

To counteract the expected congestion towards the end of July and start of August, we encourage clients to plan accordingly and make early purchases to circumvent significant interruptions in deliveries. We suggest that immediate orders be placed with Wagner Meters for products needed up until mid-August to minimize potential hindrances in your supply line.

Despite the fact that this potential strike is part of a U.S. Teamsters agreement, international clients may also encounter various levels of holdups. If the strike happens, it will affect worldwide supply chains, not just Wagner Meters.

We acknowledge that a potential UPS Teamsters strike may influence our ability to dispatch orders the same day and maintain punctual deliveries, but we will strive to uphold our service standards to meet your expectations.

If there are any concerns regarding your Wagner Meters orders, please reach out to our Customer Service department.

For the the lastest updates on the labor discussions, check the UPS Negotiations webpage at: