Rapid RH® Digital pH Meter

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Our Rapid RH® Digital pH Meter ensures accurate testing and unparalleled portability. Take this tool with you from job site to office in the included case.

About the Rapid RH® Digital pH Meter

SKU: 880-R0007-001

The Rapid RH® Digital pH Meter with its integrated smart data chip is easy to operate and compact to carry. Its sleek design encases a variety of features to help you accurately find the pH level of any solution.

ASTM F710 addresses the performance of a pH test as part of the standard practice for preparing concrete floors to receive resilient flooring. On the video tab, Jason Spangler walks through proper usage, storage, and calibration of the Rapid RH Digital pH Meter. Except for distilled water, the kit has everything needed to perform a test and to check calibration.

The Rapid RH Digital pH Meter includes:

  • Easy-to-use dual-slope three-point automatic calibration with manual temperature compensation
  • Automatic electrode slope percentage display after calibration
  • Synchronous LCD display that shows both the pH and temperature of the solution
  • Dual sets of buffer solution pH data (Chinese & European standards), which can be selected manually
  • Low voltage display and 15-minute idle automatic shutdown
  • Selectable Celsius (°C) or Fahrenheit (°F) display
  • A portable case with room for calibration buffer solutions

The Rapid RH Digital pH Meter gives you portable, accurate pH testing.

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Using the Digital pH Meter


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Rapid RH Portable pH Meter Manual

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