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Rapid RH Net

Get up and running fast with the easy-to-install Rapid RHNet system that provides convenient, remote access to all your Rapid RH® test data. Getting started is as simple as 1-2-3.

Follow the step-by-step setup instructions included in the Rapid RHNet manual, which you can download here.

Download your Manual [this is a clickable orange button to download pdf]

Create your Rapid RHNet account, or log in to your account here.

New User: Register here [clickable orange button that is linked to registration URL]

Registered User: Login here [clickable orange button is linked to login URL]

Watch our series of helpful Rapid RHNet instructional videos. These take you through each of the steps for setting up your Rapid RHNet software and hardware. Follow the videos in sequential order, as listed below, for best results.

[Clickable links or thumbnail images for videos to go with this list]

Creating an Account
Setting Up and using the Ethernet Gateway
Ethernet Gateway Help
Installing the USB Driver and Gateway Application
Using the USB Gateway Application
Inserting Batteries
Adding Wireless Sensors
Adding Additional Gateways and Creating Networks
Overview of the RHNet System
Configuring Sensors
Setting Notifications
Adding, Editing and Setting User Permissions
Sensor Maps
Viewing and Exporting Sensor Data
Online System Reports
Expanding Your System

Questions? Please contact the Rapid RHNet technical support team at Wagner Meters:

Toll-Free Phone: 1-800-634-9961

You can also email your questions to Wagner Meters using our contact page.

Business Hours: Mon-Fri 7:30 am – 4:00 pm PT; Closed Sat-Sun