Wagner Meters Unveils Revolutionary “Sweet Spot” Technology

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ROGUE RIVER OR Dec. 19 Wagner Electronics (www.wagnermeters.com) is proud to unveil their new “Sweet Spot” Technology. This patent pending technology is the result of a year-long study and investigation into lumber drying process variability conducted by the team comprised of Dr. Michael Milota, Associate Professor, Oregon State University, Ed Wagner, CEO and Vice President of Engineering, Wagner Electronics, and Tim Duncan, Research and Development Engineering Manager, Wagner Electronics. The study was conducted with four participating lumber mills spread throughout the Continental United States. Utilizing “Sweet Spot” Technology to actively control the Kiln-Drying Process enables customers to increase profit by as much as $1.2M a year depending on actual production throughput. Much of the profit recovery is due to the program’s ability to cut down on energy and time costs.

“Sweet Spot” Technology utilizes a business analytics approach to calculating and determine the best way to dry lumber; businesses are now able to reach maximum lumber profit potential by maximizing the combined value of each individual board of lumber. The “Sweet Spot” is determined by analyzing the varying cost of energy and degrade accounting for process deviations and naturally occurring moisture content distributions. A constant feedback control mechanism tracks process variations due to varying log diets and changing seasons to ensure that maximization of lumber value is constantly maintained.

In March 2009, Wagner Electronics will be hosting a Kiln Drying QC Webinar Series which will include a presentation on “Sweet Spot” Technology. This series will feature presentations from industry experts: Dr. Gavin Wallace, of the Geologic and Nuclear Sciences Institute of New Zealand, Dr. Michael Milota, Associate Professor, Oregon State University, Tim Duncan, Research and Development Engineering Manager, Wagner Electronics, and Catalin Ristea, Research Project Manager, University of British Columbia.

Wagner Meters is a family-owned American business that aims to provide solutions in moisture measurement technology that will enhance the quality and value of each customer’s project. With an almost 60-year legacy of innovation, Wagner continues to be a resource for both individual craftsmen and high-performance commercial endeavors.

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