Wagner Electronics Teams Up with INSTALL Philadelphia for Training

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Wagner Electronics Teams with INSTALL Philadelphia for Training

PHILADELPHIA — Wagner Electronics, the maker of moisture meters for the flooring industry, announced that Steve Raisner, training coordinator of the flooring program from which INSTALL Philadelphia mechanics is taught, will serve as the company’s lead instructor in a new national training initiative.Wagner Electronics is a strong partner of the INSTALL Philadelphia training program. Wagner technical experts work closely with the program’s instructional staff, and the company has donated thousands of dollars worth of meters and products for apprentices and journeymen training.

Raisner recently completed training of his own at Wagner’s facility in Oregon, and now will Ron S and Steve Rbe the company’s instructor at the Carpenters International Training Center (CITC) in Las Vegas, and he will be Wagner’s east coast training representative. At the CITC, Raisner will present Train-the-Trainer courses to flooring instructors of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters (UBC). INSTALL is a program of the UBC. Training will focus on Wagner’s Rapid RH Moisture System for concrete and Wagner’s MMC220 moisture meter for hardwood floors. Raisner has also trained to use the ASTM F2170 standard for measuring relative humidity in concrete slabs in order to pass that knowledge on to UBC instructors around North America, as well.

“Wagner is committed to the INSTALL program. Our goal was to train Steve to teach these critical moisture topics for both wood and concrete. Hundreds of millions of dollars are lost each year due to flooring failures. We are proud to partner with INSTALL in helping equip professionals with the moisture testing knowledge base they need to insure successful flooring installations,” said Heidi Coupland, Marketing Director for Wagner Electronics.

Added Raisner: “Moisture in concrete and hardwood flooring is a key issue on job sites, because a failure to recognize and address a moisture issue will affect productivity, the installation’s effectiveness, and, ultimately, customer satisfaction. We hope that this training partnership will bring greater awareness of this issue to UBC flooring instructors.”

Raisner is a member of Local 1823 of the UBC’s Metropolitan Regional Council of Carpenters, in Philadelphia, PA. He coordinates floor covering installation training at the Carpenters Apprentice School of Philadelphia & Vicinity.

Wagner is an alliance member of the international INSTALL program. For more information visit www.wagnermeters.com

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