RHSpec.com Assembles Direct-Link Resource for Manufacturer Specs

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Rogue River, OR October 2011 – Having a current list of flooring industry manufacturers’ specifications can save professionals both time and money by providing direct access to the information they need to make informed decisions regarding acceptable moisture levels in concrete, from manufacturer to manufacturer. But with specifications constantly being changed or modified, keeping the specs current can be a challenge.

RHSpec.com has assembled a resource that includes over 120 major manufacturers’ specifications for flooring industry products so you can find the latest information at one resource. Through RHSpec.com’s easily-navigated list of live-link references, you can instantly find each manufacturer’s site for the latest information about their acceptable installation moisture content guidelines.

RHSpec.com also offers a variety of additional resources related to RH testing for both the concrete and wood flooring industry and a free downloadable relative humidity test spec. And RHSpec.com is continually growing to help provide specific and up-to-date information about the RH threshold for various manufacturers’ products.

With RHSpec.com’s quick-link access, each flooring installer can be sure to have the right specs at their fingertips.

For more information, or to submit additional manufacturer’s specifications to RHSpec.com, contact Jason Spangler at jspangler@wagnermeters.com, or by calling 541.582.0541.

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