Wagner Meters Introduces New Pen Style Thermo Hygrometer

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Rogue River, OR (December 2011) – Wagner Meters is proud to introduce the new pen-style TH-200 Thermo-Hygrometer. This compact digital device is designed to provide pocket-sized precision for flooring installers, woodworkers, and inspectors.

Wagner Meters TH200

Knowing and maintaining correct ambient conditions is critical in flooring installation and woodworking applications. The TH-200 is a convenient, pocket-size digital device for monitoring temperature, relative humidity and dew point information on any job site.

Wagner Meters’ TH-200 pen-style Thermo-Hygrometer is an ideal and convenient tool for flooring installers, woodworkers, and inspectors when critical temperature, relative humidity, and dew point information must be known. The pen-style design makes for easy carrying, and the 3-button controls are very simple to use.

For more information, please call us at (541) 291-5126 or visit here.

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