New MC Accuracy Standard Well Received at Drying QC Seminar

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Wagner Electronic Products Hosts a Drying QC Seminar at Wood Technology 2008
Proposed MC Accuracy Standard Well Received.
Patented Model Introduced.

Rogue River, OR – Wagner Electronic Products hosted a Drying QC Seminar at the Wood Technology 2008 show March 13, 2008. This seminar featured presentations from Dr. Gavin Wallace, Geologic and Nuclear Sciences Institute of New Zealand, Michael Milota, Associate Professor, Oregon State University, and Catalin Ristea, Research Project Manager, University of British Columbia.

The highlights of the seminar were the presentations on density-compensated moisture measurement technology and the utilization of a patented model for statistical process control on lognormal moisture data. Density-compensated moisture measurement will increase the accuracy of lumber moisture measurement significantly as compared to the ASTM Ovendry Standard. The system based on this utilizes low-level gamma energy to measure the density of each piece of lumber and then uses a proprietary algorithm to calculate the true moisture content.

There was acknowledgement by key attendees that the industry is ready to move to a better, more accurate method for moisture measurement of lumber.

One attendee commented “…Now we are going to know the truth about MC…”

Moisture data from dried lumber often does not exhibit a ‘normal’ statistical distribution, and, therefore, standard statistical indicators may not apply. The Wagner/University of British Columbia patent implements statistical process control with ‘lognormal’ moisture data.

For more information on the seminar and the presentations given contact Ron Smith at 800.944.7078 ext. 125.

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