New In-Kiln Moisture Measuring System Released

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CONTACT: Ron Smith

Wagner Electronics is very excited to announce the future arrival of the newest member to the family of superior products designed to provide the total moisture measuring solution in the wood products industry today. The New Wagner MC 4000 In-Kiln Moisture Measuring System includes:

  • Patented moisture measurement technology
  • Accurate moisture content measurement within kiln drying environment up to 300°F
  • Consistent moisture content shutdown points within 1%
  • Innovative sensor lead design includes an automatic sensor release, eliminating damage from falling wood in the kilns
  • Advanced distributed measuring system design continues to operate if another part of the system is not in use
  • Modem communication for troubleshooting and monitoring by Wagner and mill personnel

Wagner Electronics is recognized as the leader in advanced moisture measurement and management solutions, with the most In-Line Moisture Management systems in-place worldwide. Wagner Electronics has the easiest to use and most accurate moisture measuring technology in the industry as cited in numerous university studies.

Call Wagner today to find out how the new In-Kiln Moisture Measuring System can help you to achieve your quality control goals and maximize your profit potential in today’s ever-increasing competitive marketplace.

Contact your Wagner Electronics Account Executive toll-free for more information at 1-800-634-9961.

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