Wagner Meters Announces a NEW In-Kiln Moisture Measuring System

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CONTACT: Ron Smith
Email: rsmith@wagnermeters.com

Wagner Meters is very excited to announce the future arrival of the newest member of a family of superior products designed to provide the total moisture measuring solution in the wood products industry today.The New Wagner MC 4000 In-Kiln Moisture Measuring System includes:

  • Accurate and automatic measurement of moisture content
  • Provides an accurate shutdown point without opening the kiln doors
  • State of the art sophisticated software interface
  • Allows users to access and collect important additional kiln data to assist in the MC decision-making process
  • Easy interface to Kiln Control Systems
  • Updated patented technology
  • Electronics that can be mounted inside of high-temperature kilns


Wagner Electronics is unquestionably recognized as the experienced leader in advanced moisture measurement and management solutions and is established as the company with the most In-Line Moisture Management systems in place worldwide. In addition, Wagner Electronics is hailed as having the easiest to use and most accurate moisture measuring technology in the industry as cited in numerous university studies.

Wagner urges you to take a serious look at this new addition to the Wagner family of moisture measuring and management family of instruments. Call Wagner today to find out how the new In-Kiln Moisture Measuring system can help you to achieve your quality control goals and maximize your profit potential in today’s ever increasing competitive marketplace.

Contact your Wagner Electronics Account Executive toll-free for more information at 1-800-634-9961.

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