Wagner Meters Announces New Flooring Division

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Wagner Meters has long been known for its innovative and industry-tested products for moisture content management. With both the Wagner Rapid RH® and wood moisture content tools, the company has informed and equipped industry professionals for years, and Wagner continues to look for better ways to support the industries it serves.

With that goal in mind, Wagner Meters is pleased to announce that these two building product divisions will be joining forces for a complete moisture content focus for flooring and building professionals.

Wagner Meters’ new Flooring Division will still provide the same solid up-to-date resources, training and information as in the past, but will do so with a more complete “ground up” approach. “No floor stands alone,” says Ed Wagner, CEO, and owner of Wagner Meters. “We understand that every building project involves a variety of professionals that need to have complete information for success.” From concrete professionals to wood flooring installers, and from architects to inspectors, Wagner Meters provides a wide variety of resources for accurately measuring, documenting and reducing risk related to moisture content in concrete and wood flooring.

Woodworkers will continue to find the same range of information and resources as they’ve come to rely on from Wagner Meters, with increased information specific to their own wood MC needs.

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