Wagner Meters Launches Free Wood App With EMC Calculator

Wagner Meters News
CONTACT: Ron Smith
Email: rsmith@wagnermeters.com

Rogue River, OR (January 2013) – Wagner Meters’ new smartphone app, for both iPhone and Android, puts a world of resources in a single place. The free Wagner WoodH2O app offers a variety of tools and resources for woodworkers, wood flooring installers and wood hobbyists in a simple to use format. From an on-the-spot EMC calculator to solutions for common moisture-related problems for wood, the Wagner WoodH2O app also provides links to manuals, specific gravity settings and other online resources for wood moisture management.

With no on-screen tables or complicated interface, the app’s EMC calculator provides a quick calculation for necessary conditions to achieve equilibrium moisture content (EMC). The app’s troubleshooting solutions are searchable with common problems like buckling, gaps, adhesive failure and more, with both cause and possible remedies simply explained. With the additional resources also available, it’s like having an expert on call for both professionals and hobbyists alike.

The Wagner WoodH2O app is available as a free download in the Google Play Store, iTunes, or visit https://www.wagnermeters.com/moisture-meters/wood-info/wood-moisture-mobile-app/ to learn more.