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Rogue River, OR (January 2015) – With the introduction of the reusable Rapid RH®5.0 Smart Sensor, contractors can now get an accurate reusable relative humidity (RH) sensor that not only costs less but thanks to the EasyCare CalCheck®, also dramatically reduces the time required to perform calibration checks required by ASTM F2170.

As is implied by its name, the EasyCare CalCheck® has two functions: protecting the sensor, and speedy calibration checks.

Rapid RH<sup>®</sup> 5.0 Cal CheckThe EasyCare CalCheck® is designed as a storage base. A PTFE filter on the sensor protects it from vapors and compounds that can damage the sensor and cause it to malfunction. When the testing job is done, the sensor is simply removed from the test hole and snapped onto the EasyCare CalCheck®, which contains a sealed consistent RH generator. A PTFE filter on top of the chamber keeps the liquid in, but lets vapor out, which keeps the relative humidity of the air around the sensor element constant at 75%. These are the optimal environments for the health of the sensor.

If the sensor has been stored properly, attached to the EasyCare CalCheck®, equilibration times are not a factor in calibration check times. Because the sensor is stored in a constant 75% RH environment, it is always equilibrated, and always ready for an instant calibration check. This means that instead of the one-to-three-hour minimum required for other reusable sensors, the Rapid RH®5.0 Smart Sensor calibration check can be completed in as little as 30 seconds.

To streamline the process of compliance documentation, Wagner Meters has developed an all-new Bluetooth® Smart Reader and an accompanying mobile app, CalMaster. The operation is simple; just touch the Reader, which resembles a USB thumb drive, to the sensor’s contact pad. The Reader powers up and transmits the reading to CalMaster, which records and tracks compliance data for your entire Rapid RH®5.0 sensor inventory.

The CalMaster mobile app is available for iOS or Android and is designed to work on most mobile devices. It’s clean, easy to read interface displays calibration check data and sensor readings on the device’s screen.

CalMaster stores the following data:

  • sensor inventory with serial numbers
  • original calibration date/date of the most recent calibration check
  • whether the sensor is in compliance or not
  • data for the most recent calibration check
  • the date each sensor is due for the next manufacturer certification of calibration, as required by ASTM F2170
  • ambient RH% and temperature

The calibration data is easily retrievable if needed to prove compliance with ASTM F2170.

CalMaster will also display sensor RH test readings taken by the Bluetooth® Smart Reader.

“There have always been reusable sensors, but we have come up with a reusable SYSTEM with the Rapid RH®5.0 that streamlines the processes necessary to follow ASTM F2170-11,” says Jason Spangler, Flooring Division Manager for Wagner Meters. “No other product makes it this simple and convenient.”

The Rapid RH®5.0 Smart Sensor is the only reusable RH sensor with EasyCare CalCheck®, and the only one truly designed to save the user time and money.

For more information about Wagner Meters’ complete line of accurate and affordable concrete moisture measurement tools, call 541.582.0541 or visit www.rapidrh.com.



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