Wagner Meters Offers Wood Flooring Installers a Free Customizable Customer Information Sheet

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CONTACT: Jason Spangler
Email: jspangler@wagnermeters.com
541.582.0541 ext. 235

Rogue River, OR (May 2015) – Wagner Meters is not only built on a tradition of serving our own customers well but also wants to assist wood flooring professionals with communication tools to ensure their own customers have complete and total confidence in their new wood floors.

Wagner Meters is proud to offer a simple and customizable information sheet that will help wood flooring professionals set clear expectations for their customers. The information sheet answers common questions that customers have, as well as explaining the need for proper acclimation on a job site before wood flooring is installed.

Along with their complete line of award-winning wood moisture meters, Wagner Meters believes that a clear understanding of the importance of accurate wood moisture testing can benefit homeowners, customers, and flooring professionals alike. With the customizable “Successful Wood Flooring Installation” information sheet, Wagner Meters quickly puts that information in the hands of wood flooring installers, as well as providing them a professional marketing tool with their own logo and contact information.

Visit Wagner Moisture Meters to preview the form, or email Wagner Meters TODAY to have your logo added for free to your own customized wood flooring installation information sheet.

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