Wagner Meters to Exhibit at the AWFS® Fair July 2015

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Rogue River, OR (April 2015) – The Annual AWFS® Fair brings together the latest equipment, tools, and trends of the woodworking industry. Wagner Meters will again be part of this exciting event in Las Vegas this July with its line of moisture measurement systems and handheld moisture meters including the popular MMC220.

Wagner Meters will display its complete line of accurate and portable hand-held wood moisture meters. The MMC220 features the capability to allow the user to quickly set the meter for a wide range of different species settings. Wagner’s meters utilize IntelliSense™ technology to ensure surface moisture does not skew the accuracy of the moisture measurement in the wood and provides fast and accurate spot checks to meet all woodworking moisture measurement needs.

Information about Wagner Meters’ Omega In-Line wood moisture management system will also be available. Accurate in-line moisture measurement and data analysis are crucial to the quality control process and Wagner Meters continues to stay on the leading edge of robust wood moisture measurement technology. Nothing demonstrates that better than the Omega In-Line system. Used by wood product manufacturers, the Omega In-Line moisture measurement system will help improve grade and optimize quality control.

“We’ve been providing well-informed and field-tested moisture measurement systems to the wood manufacturing industry for decades,” said Ron Smith, Sales Manager for Wagner Meters. “Not only does our design team have a full understanding of the challenges moisture can cause, but systems have proven themselves in wood products applications over and over again.”

To learn more about Wagner Meters’ complete line of wood moisture measurement solutions, visit booth #4047 at the AWFS® Fair in Las Vegas, NV, July 22-25, 2015.

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