Wagner’s TH-200 Thermo-Hygrometer for the Professional Woodworker

WoodshopWood interacts and changes with the relative humidity (RH) and temperature fluctuations in its environment.

The combination of RH and temperature in your woodshop will yield a calculated equilibrium moisture content (EMC).

Therefore, it is important to not only utilize an accurate moisture meter for the wood itself but also to have instrumentation to continuously measure the ambient RH and temperature to ensure that proper conditions are maintained in your workshop.

This way, you as a professional woodworker can keep an eye on the wood as it reaches its equilibrium moisture content (EMC) or moisture balance with the environment.

Wagner Meters features MC measurement tools to meet the demanding quality control requirements of professional woodworkers like yourself to assure your woodworking projects are of the finest quality and construction.

Our TH-200 model thermo-hygrometer is a high-quality instrument designed to meet the need for continuous measurement of your workshop’s ambient temperature and RH.

What Our TH-200 Thermo-Hygrometer Can Do

Thermo-hygrometers are measurement (not control) devices and are ideally suited for applications where RH and temperature must be closely maintained for your high-end woodworking applications.

Wagner TH200Measurement of the wood’s moisture content, the ambient relative humidity, and the ambient temperature is necessary for good quality control in any of your woodworking projects. Every species of wood, whether from the world’s temperate climates or the more exotic tropical hardwoods, needs to be monitored for moisture content because the temperature and RH of your workshop environment can change during and after assembly and finishing processes.

Post-project spot checks also provide quality control assurance for you as a professional woodworker and your downstream customers.

In addition to its primary functions of continuously displaying the ambient temperature and relative humidity, our pen-type TH-200 thermo-hygrometer can display the minimum and maximum temperature and relative humidity readings, as well as the heat index (HI), dew point (DP), wet bulb (WB) and the wet bulb global temperature (WBGT) along with HI alarm settings for the HI and WBGT.

What Our TH-200 Thermo-Hygrometer Can’t Do

As stated earlier, workshop-type handheld or pen-type thermo-hygrometers are measurement devices, and do not provide automatic control feedback to environmental (HVAC) control instruments, but they do provide those valuable workshop RH and temperature measurements for you as a professional woodworker.

MC problems and issues can arise if:

  1. The wood did not reach its equilibrium moisture content (EMC) during drying or manufacturing
  2. You are working with wood and are paying little attention to the initial MC of the wood being used for your applications, prior to and during assembly and finishing
  3. The RH and temperature of the room were not monitored before and during the work on the project
  4. The RH and temperature changes after project completion

Our TH-200 pen-type thermo-hygrometer is ideally suited for indoor operation and is an excellent investment for you as a woodworker to assist with quality control decisions. Use the TH-200 as a preventative measurement tool, not as a fix for improperly-constructed woodworking applications.

You can find the TH-200 here.

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Troy Edwards

Troy Edwards is Technical Service Supervisor for Wagner Meters, Inc., where he oversees manufacturing, quality control and IT service for their electronic measurement products for the building and construction industry. Troy holds an AAS in Electronics Technology and has over 20 years’ experience in various electronic manufacturing and production positions.

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