Wood Moisture Meter Ultimate Showdown: Pin vs Pinless

Man 1: Hey, Dave, you going to the game today?

Dave: I don’t see that happening. We have so much wood to measure. You know how long that can take.

Man 1: Not today. I’ve got a secret weapon.

Dave: What?

Man 1: I’ve got the Wagner MMC 220, the fastest meter out there.

Dave: How fast?

Man 1: A lot faster. Fast enough to blow that pin meter out of the water.

Dave: You’re crazy.

Man 1: Oh, really. You want to put a little something on that?

Dave: Absolutely. What do I get when I win?

Man 1: Loser pays for pizza.

Dave: You got it.

Man 1: All right. Measure this wood every 12 inches. Ready?

Dave: Yep.

Man 1: Set.

Dave: Go.

Man 1: Done.

Dave: How’d you do that?

Man 1: Wagner’s IntelliSense Technology reads in the wood with no holes. No upside down readings. So fast it looks like it got me free pizza. Oh, and by the way, I like anchovies.

Dave: Yeah, I know.

Man 1: Bye. Don’t be late.


To learn more about Wagner Meters, visit www.WagnerMeters.com. Pizza not included.

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Special thanks and location credit to Bentwood Furniture

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