How to Make Acclimating Wood Flooring Easy

Flooring professionals can avoid moisture-related flooring failures and costly callbacks when they use the right tools. Here’s how: Begin with Wagner Meters’ TH-200 Thermo-Hygrometer to measure the ambient relative humidity and ambient temperature. Plug that information into Wagner’s H2O app to quickly calculate the Equilibrium Moisture Content or EMC. The EMC is the moisture content a wood product will attain when left in its environment long enough. When the wood attains this EMC, it’s ready to be installed. Using Wagner’s MMC220 wood moisture meter to test the various wood flooring samples will tell installers when the targeted EMC is reached and the wood is fully acclimated. It’s that easy!

Wagner Meters is a family-owned American business that aims to provide solutions in moisture measurement technology that will enhance the quality and value of each customer’s project. With an almost 60-year legacy of innovation, Wagner continues to be a resource for both individual craftsmen and high-performance commercial endeavors.

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