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Moisture Meters

At Wagner Meters, we understand how damaging and costly moisture intrusion can be in a home or building. It can lead to foundation cracks or settlement, wood rot and decay, pest infestations, metal corrosion, and perhaps worst of all, mold growth.

Determining the extent of moisture intrusion and migration requires the use of reliable and accurate moisture measurement tools. They enable you to provide property owners a more valuable and thorough inspection.

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Fast, Accurate Moisture
Detection and Measurement

Professional-grade moisture meters and other high performance moisture detection/measurement equipment streamline the inspection process by helping you quickly and accurately detect the exact locations of moisture and water intrusion within a home or building.

While possessing this kind of information, homeowners, property owners, and even buyers can make informed decisions on how to deal with this problem.

With its long-standing reputation for manufacturing highly accurate, reliable moisture detection equipment, Wagner Meters gives building inspectors and mold remediation specialists complete confidence that they are obtaining useful moisture readings.

Knowing the full extent of moisture damage is critical for effective restoration and remediation.

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Choose between Two Inspection Kits:

The Building Inspector’s Basic Inspection Kit and
the Building Inspector’s Ultimate 5.0 Inspection Kit

WBI200+ Building Inspection Starter Kit

The Building Inspection Starter Kit includes the Orion® 950 Smart Pinless Wood Moisture Meter, two Smart Logger™ temperature and relative humidity data loggers, and an infrared thermometer.

The Orion 950, the most versatile moisture meter in the Orion line, features deep and shallow depth measurements, ambient temperature and relative humidity sensor, dewpoint calculation, wireless connection to free smart device apps, and more. A relative measurement mode allows you to scan other materials besides wood. Calibrate the 950 wherever and whenever you like with the exclusive On-Demand Calibrator that comes with every Orion pinless moisture meter.

The two included Smart Loggers are your eyes on the job site 24/7, capturing and recording up to 12,000 ambient temperature and relative humidity readings over 300 days of replaceable battery life. Connect the Smart Loggers to the free Smart Logger app to configure device settings, store, analyze data, print, and email reports. Mount Smart Loggers discretely at any suspect location to keep an eye on ambient conditions while you are away.

The infrared thermometer features data hold, an LCD backlit screen, easy Fahrenheit/Celsius switch, 7-second auto-off, and low battery indication.

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Ultimate Inspection Kit

The Ultimate Inspection Kit includes everything contained in the Basic Kit, plus the Rapid RH® 5.0 concrete slab relative humidity testing package that meets the ASTM F2170 test standard. Wagner developed the Rapid RH® with Touch-n-Sense™ technology for accurate, virtually automatic relative humidity testing of concrete.

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Product Quality and
Customer Service Matter

When you purchase an inspection kit from Wagner Meters, you can be assured that it will provide you with moisture-detection equipment of the highest quality for the utmost reliability and accuracy.

Our 50+ year track record of quality performance stands as proof. In addition to providing you with professional-grade equipment for exceptional accuracy and reliability, Wagner Meters also offers you superior technical service and customer support.

It’s why customer satisfaction ranks so high among Wagner Meters’ customers. Of course, we wouldn’t want it any other way!

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