Rapid RH Common Questions

Be sure to view the where Jason Spangler answers questions about the Rapid RH® and common questions regarding concrete moisture measurement.

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Part 1

  1. Can Smart Sensors™ be reused or recovered?
  2. Does the Rapid RH® reader ever need calibration?
  3. What type of documentation do you recommend?

Part 2

  1. How can a 9-month slab still be at 95% RH?
  2. Does the HVAC have to be on to have accurate conditions?
  3. Do we have to have those conditions documented?
  4. How do I get the concrete to dry faster?

Part 3

  1. I tore up an old floor that had no issues. I am ready to install a new floor and the concrete is testing high RH. How is this possible?
  2. What is the relation of RH to Moisture Vapor Emissions Rate (MVER)?
  3. Can I come back after the flooring is installed and recheck the concrete where the original probes were placed?

Part 4

  1. How do you find how thick a concrete slab is?
  2. With elevated floors poured in steel pan decking, is there any concern over the high areas vs. the low areas?

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