Omega In-Line Moisture Measurement System and Data Analysis Software

Omega In-line Moisture Measurement System

Moisture Measurement, Detection, and Data Analysis

for Primary and Secondary Wood Products Manufacturers

Proudly Made in America by Wagner Meters

Whether your company is a primary lumber mill or a secondary wood products operation, with or without dry kilns, the Omega In-Line Moisture Measurement System should be your most important moisture measurement and analysis tool.

Whether it is installed upstream or downstream of your planing or molding operation, a sideways or end-to-end configuration, the benefits of having an Omega system are the same:

  • Keeping moisture problems out of your mill
  • Improving your kiln drying, your grade recovery, and your bottom line by minimizing moisture-related degradation, excessive drying energy costs, wet claims, and overall moisture quality control issues

Omega, Wagner’s latest generation of moisture measurement systems, continues our legacy of providing comprehensive and robust moisture measurement and data analysis tools that are so critical now for today’s modern wood products mills.

Specially designed for the lumber mill or wood products manufacturing environment, Omega and its optional data collection and analysis software is an invaluable tool for improving your kiln drying or overall moisture quality control.

A Closer Look at the Wagner Omega System

The Omega system comes in two basic configurations:

  • Sideways (transverse)
  • End-to-end (lengthwise)

Sideways Configuration

Up to eight sensors can be installed between the chain races.

Boards pass over these sensors at a high rate of speed, and multiple moisture content (MC) readings from each sensor are taken on every piece of lumber. Those that have an out-of-spec (too wet or too dry) MC can activate outputs in the Omega system’s main console to trigger spray-marking devices or your dropout gate.

If your application requires longitudinal measurement of your lumber or wood components, then an end-to-end sensor version of Omega is an option.

End-To-End Configuration

Most often installed on the outfeed side of high-speed planers or molders, an Omega system with an end-to-end sensor scans your lumber, flooring or wood components at over 300 measurements per second. End-to-end measurement is preferable when there is a need to, for example, identify wet pockets along the length of lumber that will be sold to laminated beam manufacturers. It will also allow the identification and trimming out of wet areas within strip flooring.

Additionally, with Omega’s fast scanning rate capability, board MC can be profiled in great detail along the length of boards with this high-speed data being communicated to today’s sophisticated grading systems, providing additional moisture information for your automated lumber grading solutions.

Moisture Data Collection And Analysis

Whether you are a high-production lumber mill interested in improving your kiln drying QC or a door/window, wood flooring, cabinet manufacturer or other remanufacturing or secondary wood products operation with the need for tight moisture QC…

“You can’t know where to go until you know where you are.”

Omega’s optional data collection and analysis software, gathering moisture data from every measured board, offers you a comprehensive tool to help pin down kiln drying or moisture-related manufacturing problems and can assist in the identification of lumber suppliers that are not meeting your moisture specifications.

For in-depth kiln analysis, primary mills are able to map packages in the kiln and determine hot or cold spots based on moisture data from the planer mill. Moisture data by product is also available.

For the secondary manufacturer, you are able to analyze your key lumber suppliers and if necessary, help them provide lumber that better meets your moisture criteria.

Omega: Designed to be Durable in a Very Challenging Environment

Omega Console BoxFrom the sensors to the main cabinet, Wagner’s Omega system has been ruggedly and thoughtfully designed to stand up to the tough lumber mill or wood manufacturing environment.

Looking inside Omega’s weather-resistant cabinet, you’ll find very durable, industry standard input/output modules that are convenient for wiring and easy to replace.

The industrially-hardened LCD touch screen user interface is resistant to moisture, dust, and other harsh elements.

An easy-to-navigate menu allows for quick setup and configuration of your system.

Why Partner with Wagner Meters?

Wagner has built a reputation for servicing customers efficiently and in a timely manner when problems arise. With Wagner, you get the long-term support you should expect for Omega and other Wagner products; this support includes remote online troubleshooting of your specific system application. At Wagner, our goal is to provide superior customer support.

Remember, when you partner with Wagner, we become a part of your team.

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