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Rogue River, OR (June 2014) – This fall, Wagner Meters will once again join professionals from a range of forest products-related industries at the biannual Timber Processing and Energy Expo (TP&EE) in Portland, Oregon. TP&EE presents the latest technology, news and products for producers of lumber, plywood, engineered wood, and wood-to-energy products, and Wagner Meters is once again looking forward to being part of the ongoing discussion among leading manufacturers and producers from the Pacific Northwest and around the world.

Timber Processing and Energy Expo“Wagner is looking forward to participating in this year’s TP&EE show,” says Ron Smith, Sales Manager at Wagner Meters. “For us, it’s a great opportunity to connect with our customers.”

Wagner will be showcasing Wagner Meters’ moisture measurement instrumentation and systems for sawmills and wood products manufacturers. “With over 40 years of experience, Wagner understands not only the moisture measurement requirements of lumber processing and wood manufacturing but also the business value of accurate moisture measurement,” confirms Smith. From density/moisture-based lumber sorting systems in the sawmill to in-kiln moisture measurement and planer mill moisture measurement systems, Wagner Meters offers accurate moisture measurement and data analysis tools to help mills improve drying practices and reduce grade loss due to over-drying or under-drying.

To learn more about Wagner Meters’ proven line of moisture measurement products for the primary and secondary forest products industry, visit Wagner Meters at booth #807 at the Timber Processing and Energy Expo on October 15-17, 2014 or go to www.wagnermeters.com.

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