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Asselin to lead French-Language Discussion at KilnDrying.org Forum

Rogue River, OR (March 2014) – KilnDrying.org is very pleased to welcome Pierre Asselin to the panel of industry experts at Kilndrying.org’s forum, where he will contribute to general forum topics and will launch a French language subsection of the forum as well.

Asselin graduated from Laval University in 1980 with a bachelor’s degree in applied science, forest engineering, specializing in wood sciences technology. Since then, he has provided consultation and training to lumber mills in start-up, personnel training, QC and product-specific development. Asselin has been part of European and Canadian efforts to identify and analyze vacuum drying technology and processes and has done species-specific work related to processing and high-value appearance products like Tamarack. His 30 years of experience covers both general industry expertise and targeted market segments in wood flooring and manufacturing.

Pierre AsselinKilnDrying.org is also excited to have Asselin launch a French-language discussion board at KilnDrying.org. His deep knowledge of kiln drying and industry practices will bring greater depth to the expert panel at KilnDrying.org and expand the discussion to French-speaking industry professionals as well.

KilnDrying.org offers a unique opportunity for kiln personnel and other industry experts to meet, to ask questions, and to share expert insights, along with a calendar of upcoming events and job opportunities for those in the kiln drying community. Experts on the forum add to the discussion from their wealth of knowledge and experience to provide insight, technical recommendations and the latest in kiln drying practices for professionals focused on drying wood, kiln optimization, grade recovery and other lumber drying related topics.

Asselin’s expertise and leadership will be a welcome addition to the growing panel of industry experts at the KilnDrying.org forum.

To learn more about this unique resource, and to welcome the forum’s newest expert, Pierre Asselin, visit www.kilndrying.org and join the conversation.

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