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Wood Drying Forum Kilndrying.org Passes 51,000 Page Views

Rogue River, OR (June 2013) – Kilndrying.org was founded to provide lumber professionals with a forum for sharing technical and industry information in the area of lumber drying and kiln processes for primary forest product producers. Its success was proven when the forum recently passed the 51,000-page view landmark.

The forum has proven to be a positive place for members to share across a variety of topics for lumber professionals. Threads that discuss stacking practices, wood planer impact, drying defects, training, and kiln maintenance have given members a place to ask questions of a technical or general nature and have given the forum experts an opportunity to provide up-to-the-minute information across a range of industry and education issues.

Moisture management in lumber production is of critical importance for sawmills and other related industries. Understanding the impact of moisture measurement and drying practices can be a highly technical challenge, and the forum at Kilndrying.org leads the discussion in best practices and problem solving for kiln personnel and other industry experts. The site also offers a list of upcoming events and job opportunities.

The forum’s expert panel consists of Dr. Joe Denig from North Carolina State University, who supplies both financial and technical expertise for the lumber industry, Dr. Mike Milota of Oregon State University, with a strong background in wood science and drying lumber, and Timothy Duncan, Wagner Meters’ Research and Development Manager. This trio provides both breadth and depth to the expertise offered through the Kilndrying.org forum and represents a solid foundation of technical and practical experience in wood drying, wood moisture management, and large lumber production practices.

To tap into this unique resource, visit www.kilndrying.org and become part of the discussion.

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