Father’s Day

A Woodworker’s Wish for Father’s Day

fathersdaybanner“I’ve tried to be the best dad a man could be. Today, you’ve shown me how much you truly appreciate me and all I’ve done.”

Ties. Socks. Sweatshirts. How many gifts like this has dad gotten? Gifts that say, “They just don’t get what I’m about!

This Father’s Day, recognize dad by giving him a gift he’ll treasure for years to come . . . one that shows you really do care and understand that woodworking is more than just an interest – it’s a passion.

It seems like there’s always those tools every serious woodworker should have, but just never gets around to buying. Tools that improve the quality of his work . . . or help ensure that the project is done right the first time. . . or even tools that let him try something new so as to expand his abilities.

This Father’s Day, when he opens your gift to discover one of Wagner Meters’ premium combo gift packs, he’ll be thrilled. You can be assured he’ll think of you every time he uses it!

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Father's Day Meter

Whether your favorite woodworker is building a rocking chair, carving a wood sprite, or crafting a fine musical instrument, the MMC220 Wood Moisture Meter plus TH-200 Thermo-Hygrometer is the Perfect Gift Combo!

What Makes This Gift Combo So Special?

Chances are you’re not a woodworker, so it’ll probably help if you know a little about this Gift Combo and why dad will love it so much.

Let’s start with the MMC220 wood moisture meter. Woodworkers like dad know that wood shrinks and warps as it dries. It’s the nature of wood.

Before actually working on a piece of wood, dad knows he wants the wood to be pre-shrunk or dried out . . . otherwise, the wood will dry out later causing it to warp or split when he’s finished with it.

So how does he know when the wood is sufficiently dry? He uses a moisture meter. It’s the only tool that will tell him for sure when the wood is ready to go.

One of the great things about Wagner’s meter is that it allows dad to measure moisture levels in all wood species – from rare tropical species to the more common softwood and hardwoods. Not all meters do this, so this feature alone will go a long way toward helping your father’s success with any woodworking project.

Another thing he’ll especially like is the fact that the MMC220 meter is pin-less. This means he won’t be poking unsightly holes in those expensive boards like other meters that come with pins.

He’ll also rave about how fast and easy it is to get moisture readings. With the MMC220’s IntelliSense™ technology, he simply slides it along the wood to get accurate moisture readings in mere seconds.

And to top it off . . .

From time to time, he’ll also need to monitor his workroom or shop for such things as temperature, relative humidity, or dew point — especially when he’s working on fine furniture or other expensive wood items that are highly sensitive to temperature and humidity.

This is where he’ll appreciate having the TH-200 Thermo-Hygrometer — the perfect complement to the MMC220.
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Thrill That Special Dad with the Ideal Gift

If you want to give dad the perfect Father’s Day gift, then look no further.

This combo gift pack is unbeatable. The MMC220 moisture meter is American-made and unsurpassed in quality. It’s also backed by our industry-leading 7-year warranty.

And the perfect complement to the MMC220 is the TH-200 Thermo-Hygrometer.

Without a doubt, dad will love this combo and you all the more for giving him the perfect gift.

Order your Perfect Gift Combo today for the woodworker – and special dad – in your life. Then watch him beam!

Just click on the link below to order. Hurry . . . while supplies last.

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