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World of Concrete
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02-23-2011, 10:34 AM #1
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Did you go? Or go to Surfaces the week after?

This was our first trip. I took along one of my superintendents so we could touch base with others in the field. From what I hear the attendance was down a LOT. I got to meet quite a few of my friends and had some nice dinners.

My Sup hadn't been to Vegas for about 20 years so the changes were startling to him. We went and saw the pawn shop where Pawn Stars is filmed.... Wow is that place small and run down!!! Amazing what a TV camera can do. And most of what they sell now is promotional shirts and mugs. Really disappointing.

We stayed at the Encore. I highly recommend that place!!! Rooms were booking at $280 a night but we got ours for $130 on Orbitz and that included $100 credit for a 3 night stay. Just don't look at the snacks in your room for more than 30 seconds: They have a sensor on them and you get charged for the item if they are removed. Small snack size bag of chips? $8! Tiny tin of Gummy Bears? $8!

It's getting hard to find cheap food. Some poorer buffets can still be had for $8 or so if you sign up for the casino's frequent gambler card. I paid $33 for two coffees and two croissants at the Wynn. OUCH!

But Vegas is a hoot, and I love to go there just to people watch and see the architecture.

JD Grafton
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