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New rant!!
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02-12-2011, 02:58 PM #2
eaadams Concrete Moisture Expert *****
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One of the largest inspection engineering firms in California did the folowing on one of our jobs and we are now in a more than $100K lawsuit relating to it:

1) GC calls 'his' testing firm. Says that Spec doesn't spell out ASTM F2170 only CaCl testing.
2) 'his' firm comes in and.....
day 1) lays kits
day 4) picks up kits
3) Firm says tests came in @ between 3-4.8#
4) We call shenanigans - rH is more accurate test and CaCl tests were done wrong because the testing firm used sand paper to clean slab 15 min before placing tests.
5) We do testing with ICRI certified tester. Tests come in @ 85 -91% rH
6) GC insists we retest. We pay $1000's to retest in time travel and probes. RH tests come in high again.
7) GC gives 24 notice to proceed. Lots of yelling.
8) We say hell no. And finally change order is signed.
9) We do work with high moisture system. Job today is performing per spec and floor is fine.
10) GC simply doesn't pay.
11) Lawsuit time.

And today.... that same testing firm does the SAME thing with CaCl tests. But after our discussions ex post facto with them... they will do RapidRH testing for us per ASTM.

Ugh... why do I have to teach someone who is supposedly a licensed inspector and engineer in the state of California.


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