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Funny concrete moisture blog post
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01-28-2011, 02:34 PM #1
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Thought you guys would like this.

Quote:Are You an Eddie Haskell?

Wally: Hey, Beav’, what’s this stuff all over the floor?! And what’s takin’ you so long? I thought you said you knew how to measure the relative humidity of the floor!

Beaver: Gosh, Wally. I’m doin’ what Eddie Haskell taught me… sealing plastic humidity chambers over cans of desiccant throughout the floor. After moisture gets trapped under here for a couple days, we’ll compare the difference in desiccant weight before and after. By next week, we’ll know if it’s safe to install the Florock epoxy flooring the customer wants. Unless, like Eddie says, we need to test again…

Wally: Man, Beav’, didn’t I tell you to stay away from that guy?! He manages to get me in trouble even when he’s not around. Where’s that Rapid RH kit?

Beaver: Gee, Wally, are you talking about external reusable probes? We tried that on Eddie’s job, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Dragging the test meter cables around a big floor is a mess. Plus, Eddie says the required calibration on those probes is expensive and buying new ones costs even more!

Wally: Look, Beaver, everything you’re talking about is outdated. It figures ol’ Eddie Haskell wouldn’t know about the latest technology! Our crew uses the Rapid RH System to measure moisture before we install concrete floor finishes. You could have had the slab’s relative humidity readings almost immediately — just ask Lumpy!

Lumpy: Yeah, Beaver. The Rapid RH Smart Sensors are easy to install and a snap to read. We get accurate results 10x faster than other methods! Plus, Rapid RH has the lowest cost per test and allows us to retest the same spot without reinstallation.

Beaver: Gee, guys, with the savings in time and money, no wonder you’ve been outbidding the competition!

Wally: Aww, Beav’, quit goofin’ around and get this tape and plastic off the floor. Maybe you could try to learn something and watch this demonstration video on Wagner’s Rapid RH: http://www.wagnermeters.com/videos.php


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