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Many are surprised to find OLD slabs are VERY WET!
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12-22-2010, 07:37 PM #7
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On topic, just a story. I walked into a house to install a glued down vinyl floor (Sundial Solarian) about 25 years ago. The house was easily fifty years old and the carpet had been torn out, even the old ceramic in the kitchen.

When you walked into that house you could literally smell the dampness. Maybe it's because we are used to dryness out here in the desert. But the concrete was very dark, effloresence was all over the place. Back in those days all we had was the concrete meter your contacts touched nails driven onto the concrete. Well the boss was PO'd I called him in the first place, but after he came over with the meter and tested it he was a happy camper.we averted disaster.

That always stuck with me to this day. We had been getting lots of rain down here and a couple floors blew off down in Nogales up in the hills. But those were new houses. Lucky us, we have great testing devices these days.[/i]

Stephen Perrera dba
Top Floor Installation Co.

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