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San Francisco Fog
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04-15-2014, 10:15 AM #1
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I have an interesting slab and would like any input people have. While it only rained for I think 3 days in the last six months. I have a LOT of slabs this year coming in around 78-85F out in the Sacramento / Central Valley. But in some areas of the SF Bay Area, and what SF is so well known for is the wonderful fog. It is nature's A/C.

I have a project out by the coast where the gym slab has been down since late last summer. It was never rained on before they got the roof in place, 4" steel troweled, Stego directly under. No windows yet.

It is still sitting at 99%. They are just putting the windows on now. Ambient conditions are in the 60F's for temp and slab temp. For humidity 40's - 60's %. But here is the kicker. The GC / Superintendent just pointed out this to me (and I never thought about it because of the location) Every morning the Fog rolls in off the ocean and covers this property. It was like a face palm to the forehead. Obviously this is why this slab isn't drying.

How much moisture can Fog add to a slab? I haven't a clue how to evaluate this. It is obviously keeping it wet. Once we close up the building it should then have the opportunity to start to dry. We in California are usually worried about rain, so I say 'get the roof on' over and over again. I never thought about areas that get fog. Also on most sites, by the time work starts in the summer, the fog has burned off and doesn't return till well after 2:00 quittin time.

Also, does FOG classify as 're-wetting' ?

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