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low and high moisture readings affected by air RH
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04-15-2014, 11:18 AM #3
rapidrhrep Concrete Moisture Tutor **
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Thanks for the questions. Hopefully I can help with clarify some of them.

1) as eaadams mentioned! analog meters, such as our C575, are not intended for making a final installation decision on ANY flooring project. At least in the US, there are only, maybe, a handful of manufacturers that even recognize this type of testing prior to installing finished floor product. The reason is pretty straight forward, there are too many variables with surface testing of concrete. At best, meters of this nature are are only looking at the top 3/4" of the slab, which really doesn't give true indications of moisture.
2) The fluctuations of ambient conditions are directly related to the fluctuations in your surface readings with the C575. Remember, concrete is hygroscopic, thus it will absorb moisture from the air when there are high ambient RH conditions.

The remainder of the questions really should be directed to the adhesive and/or finished flooring manufacturers for this product specifically. They really need to buy into and sign off on ANYTHING you do here.

Hope this helps.


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