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VCT Over CutBack
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(02-25-2014, 10:50 PM)eaadams Wrote:  Yes that is vinyl backed carpet and should be treated as such. Tandus just changed their moisture requirements. Now they have no moisture limit, just a pH.... Yes I think we all get the game being played there

Yeah it is a game, but it is a GREAT marketing advantage. I had a job where the product was being changed from Shaw to Tandus because they have high moisture. 20,000 sqft of flooring. That is a big sale for tandus, to provide a product they have always had.

No, the slab does not mee the pH requirements. But Tandus tech services says the fix is to use their $.03/sqft primer, then you are good to go. Much better than the $200,000 remediation solution that the owner was being presented with.

(02-04-2014, 10:27 AM)Ernesto Wrote:  Bidding on some smaller commercial jobs now just cus it is slow in residential and he wants more money. I have not been doing commercial for quite awhile now so looking for feedback.
The building is old, vct is over cutback residue but stuck. We all know how iffy it is going over vct with new vct. I always write in a Rh test. Also stated if the reading is high the old vct gets demo'd as I've seen many a covered vct floor fail out here.
Product is Armstrong and they say you can go over one layer. Armstrong also highly reccommends an Rh test or meter or CaCl. Ha Ha Wondering if I should upcharge the install and throw in the Rh test free. These things are not cheap.
In my quote I always give links to the mans install requirements so they are somewhat educated . Hope I get this one as they are going to do three more buildings. Its a large moving rental company. hint hint.

Vct over vct is fine. All of the manufacturers I have read installation manuals for approve this installation. If 1st layer vct is bonded well, everything should work fine. Remove loose tiles and proceed with confidence. I have sold and installed over 100,000 sqft in the past few years to a major parts retailer that has been using this method for over 20 years.

Just because adhesive is black does not mean it is cut-back. Just because cut-back was black and did not contain asbestos, does not mean all black vct adhesive is safe. Before you demo a large area of tile, if you need to, have the adhesive tested for asbestos. Make sure your proposals or contracts include verbiage along the lines of you not being liable for disturbances of hazardous materials and that by being instructed to proceed the customer is informing you that there are no hazardous materials that they are aware of. Big retail chains have deep pockets. You don't want to be the person that creates a hazardous condition without being covered up front.

BTW - You can also install vct over existing cut-back residues with some vct glues, without the need of mechanical removal such as bead-blasting.

Also, I always charge for RH testing. In my opinion, or at least in the Atlanta market, not testing the floor is the industry standard. If someone wants their floor tested, they need to pay for it. No freebies. This is what some of us do for a living. That being said, I will not lose a flooring bid over the moisture testing. I will drop the profit and add the testing.

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